Clicks® - Medical Information System

Roshtov Software Ind.  is a leader in enterprise-wide medical information system solutions, specializing in the design and management of patient-file oriented software solutions for Managed Care and large-scale Health Care providers.
With Roshtov
Clicks® applications at the core of primary care information management with the largest Health Care providers in Israel, Roshtov Software is the country’s leading provider of medical information system solutions.
Based on leading edge IT solutions implemented for everyday medical information management, our systems provide a solid foundation for executive management decision support systems.
Totally committed to answering the needs of our clients, we will custom design the solution to suit the specific needs of your organization, and will integrate your organization’s administrative requirements into the system.
The patient-charting oriented medical file, which is at the heart of our system solutions, will integrate medical standards, preventive medicine strategies, and your specific demands for information transfer. We will design your system solution for implementation across all medical fields and for a range of medical facilities as required for your organization, from a primary-care neighborhood clinic through multi-disciplinary regional offices, all the way to a full-scale hospital

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