Roshtov Software Ind.

By applying the appropriate technology, Roshtov Software Industries Ltd. integrates clinical, financial and administrative knowledge content that facilitate the means for a successful and indispensable “production-floor” management and control system for the healthcare providing organization.


We focus on total solutions

We partner with our customers to examine their short and long term goals and their available situation to develop applications especially tailored to suit varied needs and organizational circumstances.


The right information at the right time

While we provide system solutions over the whole continuum of care, we focus on the physician-patient encounter as the place where organization’s policies and strategies can be implemented on line, in real time when it makes a difference. Studies have shown that the physician-patient encounter accounts for more than 50% of a healthcare organization’s costs and resources. By influencing the flow of information at the point of decision-making, and by providing physicians with the right information at the right time, we help our clients provide the highest quality care they want to achieve, controlling expenses at the same time.


We have the individual physician in mind

Detailed documentation, readily available communication and integrated information are at the base of today’s healthcare management models. Indeed they are considered crucial to curing some of modern healthcare’s more painful ailments. By providing physicians with a front edge IT tool designed specifically for their work environment, we enable them to best fulfill their obligations under ever growing demands and constraints.



We believe that each section of the health organization must benefit from the medical information system being implemented. Thus, our solutions enable management to implement their vision and carry out their strategies. Moreover, it is crucial that doctors and other staff members, who create most of the medical information within the health organization, feel that their work benefits directly from the implemented solution and feel comfortable using it.