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General Hospital Applications

Around 2000 users in over 1,500 work stations in 8 hospitals around the country operate under a fully integrated Clicks®-based application to manage their daily work. The main applications are Cardiology and Psychiatry, but applications for ER, Internal medicine, Gastroenterology and Diabetes also exist. The applications cover the entire scope of work in the field, and contain specifically designed subsets according to specialty, to the type of facility or to the user’s role in the treatment cycle.

Cardiology application

The Cardiology application, first implemented 8 years ago, now covers ICU, Catheterization, mapping, heart surgery, and an outpatient clinic section. The needs and work requirements of each of the user professionals are reflected in the application, to provide a full scope CPR for this complex field. The entire cardiological division at the Rabin, Meir and Soroka Medical Centers operate fully under this cardiology application.

Other applications

A full scale hospital medical information system solution is implemented at Schneider Children’s hospital, covering pediatric ER, hospitalization wards and outpatient clinics.