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Psychiatric  Hospitals

The Psychiatry application is one of the first to have been implemented. 15 years and several upgrade cycles later, it is now in operation in several psychiatric hospitals, where it is the sole and all encompassing CPR tool throughout the hospital for the entire care-giving staff. The application covers the work of the entire team of caregivers, whose specific work requirements are duly reflected in the application design - doctors, nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists and social workers.

The application, tailor designed to suit each facility’s and end users’ work environment, preferred work flow practice and specific patient population, is implemented at the Geha, Shalwata and Shaar-Mehashe full-scale psychiatric hospitals, and in the psychiatric wards of the Soroka Medical center and Schneider Children’s hospital. Dedicated sections of the application cover psychiatric ER, hospitalization and hospital outpatient clinics.

Other variations of the application are in operation in general hospitals’ outpatient clinics and in independent psychiatrists’ private offices.