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Maccabi Health Services

The second largest healthcare provider in Israel, Maccabi was the first to choose Clicks® in 1990 as the universal, mandatory tool for managing patient information across its primary-care clinics nation wide. The original system, now a unified patient file that resides on Maccabi’s central computer system, has been extended to include specialized applications for a range of specialists and consultants as well as for related healthcare fields as child development and physiotherapy, and social work.

Convinced of the benefits that lie in computerizing the medical “production floor” and in answer to growing needs, Clicks® in use in Maccabi today incorporates cutting edge IT communication features that are at the core of built-in member rights verification and both medical and management decision support modules. Along with built-in tracking of prescriptions, rendered treatments and referrals, the information obtained through the Clicks® system fulfils a crucial role in Maccabi’s internal auditing and expense control processes.

15 years and 5000 users later, what started out as a flat patient file designed to replace an old fashioned handwriting-based medical documentation system, has developed into a key factor in decision making processes of a major organization.